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    1 month, 1 week ago

    Xavi: that Kante guy where did they sign him from

    Laporta: From Leicester in 2016

    Xavi: why didn’t we hijack the deal

    Laporta: But you were still a player when Chelsea signed him

    Xavi: Can we hijack him from Chelsea

    Laporta: no he’s still under contract

    Xavi: promise him money and house

    Laporta: those things dosent faze him he’s a religious guy and Chelsea won’t even listen to any offers

    Xavi: tell him that we’ll make him the mayor of Barcelona, club president, build a statue for him and also rename camp nou to camp Kante

    Laporta: he won’t still come besides there is another guy that plays like him

    Xavi: and who’s that

    Laporta: Thomas Partey

    Xavi: Thomas what????

    Laporta: Partey

    Xavi: from where

    Laporta: Arsenal

    Xavi: Have he been to world cup before

    Laporta: no

    Xavi: Champions league?

    Laporta: no

    Xavi: my friend go and kidnap Kante and stop wasting my time, I can’t have 2 umtiti in my team🙄🙄

    #ThePublisher 🥅

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